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Since 1980, our range of expertise ranges from consulting to photography and Disc Jockey. Our experience includes everything from large companies including NASA and several large stadiums to smaller weddings, private yachts, and parties.

Since 1980, our main goal has been great service, with the best in customer support. Here at Mike’s Music of Florida, we use only professional equipment with a highly trained staff. All our systems are computer based. This means no scratched, skipping or damaged CD’s. We use only professional high quality name brands, and always have a backup system. We hold monthly training sessions for our disc jockeys, and are fully licensed and insured. Our staff works with any other vendors that you may hire for your event, and will correlate with them. We believe your special event should run smoothy, and be carefree. For our weddings, we also include a free online wedding album site, and also a free wedding/party planner. This is where you can make song requests, and add other important information about your event. When you show up, we have a print out of every song and option you have requested. This insures that your event will be handled in a professional manor. We are also a member of most of the Disc Jockey Associations. We believe that through involvement in these professional organizations, our DJ’s achieve more as a group than they can individually. The owner of Mike’s Music of Florida holds regular training classes for our entire staff to insure our high quality ratings.

Some of our Clients include: NASA, Disney, Military balls and weddings, Raymond James Stadium, St. Louis Cardinals, Publix, Firefighter’s Association, Wrestling Associations, and Holiday Inn’s

Proud member of Global Mobile Entertainers Group Inc. We are fully licensed and insured.

Weddings are the MOST important event that we can do for a couple. We handle each event as it was our first. We stay in communications with you, and offer a lot of free information and idea’s. Our web site is packed loaded to help you with your questions. There are topics such as how to save money, how to hire a vendor, how to have an outdoor wedding, and several other special areas. We consider ourselves a “reception coordinator.” What this means is this. We will work with any other vendor your hire. We will work with other companies, and insure your special day is stress free. Our staff will work with whoever is in charge, weather it be you, your parents, or just a friend. We will not decide when it is time to cut the cake, or do the first dance. All this is outlined in your free online planner. If time starts to run out, we will consult with you, your planner, photographer, and make sure everyone is ready for the next change of events. We are professional, but we also like to have a good time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office at anytime. Please note, I do not keep regular 8 – 5 PM business hours, I believe in communication. Please feel free to call after 5:00 Pm, and on weekends. Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

20 Guarantees you won’t find anywhere else!


  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs have passed an in-depth background check according to National DJ Standards/Accreditation!


  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs will let you see them perform live before you sign a contract (will not be a Wedding sorry)!
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs are properly registered with the state(s) where they do business!
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs will adapt to your crowd all night! We can be low key, or high energy.
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs will have 24hr message taking as well as pagers or cell phones!
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs will only use newer, professional audio equipment and lighting systems!
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs will always dress appropriately for your event, usually formal attire!
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs will only be professional at all times.
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs will only use their equipment and/or their employees equipment not home equipment!
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs will have a list of music to give you and it will be organized at your event to play requests quickly!
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs will not use tapes or vinyl unless requested to!
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs will not confuse you with “option packages”, they will give you a complete package that is taylored to your needs.
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs will not upstage you at your event!
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs will take requests, and pay attention to your entertainment needs.
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs will stay in contact with you several times during your event to make sure everything is going great!
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs will not leave equipment or take breaks other then “nature calls.”
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs will not stop playing or entertaining for breaks unless requested by you.
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs have contracts that clearly spell out dates, places, times and prices!
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs will give you a real quote for your event over the phone!
  • Mike’s Music of Florida’s DJs know that you are always the “boss”!Wedding Planning with Dress Up Your Wedding!
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    You can have a low key wedding, or high energy like the video above. We tailor our service to your needs.

    A more traditional wedding video.

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    The main thing people remember about any event is the fun they had. If you paid a high price for a limo, cake, or food, people are not going to retain that in their long term memory. They may say the food was good, or the cake looked nice, but if asked later they could not describe either one. However if the entertainment is excellent, they will always remember that about your special day. They will remember the fun they had dancing or watching others dance. They will remember how people interacted and enjoyed each others company, and they will remember the good time the children had. A professional DJ playing the right music at the right time, interacting and getting involved will make or break your special day. If you have the most tender prime rib, or just finger food that does not make your memories. Whatever you do, do not go cheap on your entertainment. Do not have a boring event where everyone leaves early. It’s true, you do get what you pay for, but our pricing is fair, and our quality is high. Please feel free to contact me for further information or to book your event today. Let’s work on future memories together, and make your special day something to remember.

    *Your guests will not know if you spent $200.00 or $2,000 for your gown, but they will know if you only spent $200.00 on your entertainment.

    Did you know that nearly 100% of brides interviewed stated that they should have spent more on their entertainment?

    Did you know that 78% of brides interviewed wish their entertainment was a top priority?


    What sets us apart from other disc jockeys?

    • Digital sound systems well maintained with stereo sound
    • Experienced staff, professional and caring
    • Free setup and breakdown
    • Experience in the wedding and DJ service since 1980
    • Free online wedding planner – nothing to download or install.
    • Free online wedding album site with journal and calender.
    • Largest selection of songs in the the state!
    • Online downloads of music lists and event items
    • Cordless mic for announcements
    • Available 24/7 for questions and/or comments
    • NO hidden costs
    • Custom song lists designed for your special event
    • Lighting, smoke, bubbles, and other effects available
    • Backup equipment, and early setup time to test everything
    • We take special requests, and listen to the guests
    • We play only the music requested or is related to the event
    • No hidden fees, no travel or expense costs
    • We work with your wedding consultant and/or photographer
    • Professional staff having your best interests in mind
    • Offering a great time for all that attend our events
    • We are a event consultant, not just someone playing music 
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