Comedy Shows

Author: Mike

Stage Hypnosis is an Audience Participation Event For All Ages!
Your Audience Will Be Left Spellbound, Dazzled and Laughing Hysterically!


Keep the students excited and laughing. This program creates positive memories that last a lifetime. With this program students can improve confidence and self esteem making them stronger and more driven to attain their goals. It shows how truly powerful the mind is and reinforces that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Give your students the edge by showing them how powerful their minds can be.


This program is great for keeping the kids safe and entertained. It will create positive memories that last a lifetime. This fast paced program keeps everyone involved and in anticipation of what is coming next. The students are able to celebrate in a responsible and safe way. This show is clean and appropriate for everyone.


This is a great program to help your organization raise money. Whether it is a school, club, sports team, etc. this is the perfect program for you. Reach your fundraising goals by providing incredible, appropriate entertainment to your community. We can help you through every step of the process from planning to advertising. Everything you need is provided including posters and tickets.


Our Hypnotist provides motivational and educational programs unlike any you have seen before. You will see laughter and applause not yawns and snores.

We use entertainment to capture and retain the student’s attention with this interactive program. They will learn the true power they posses and realize that anything is possible. They will be empowered and taught that “If you believe it, you can achieve it!”

Your students will have increased confidence and drive. Their self esteem will be elevated to new heights. They will study more efficiently and retain information longer and easier. Most of all success won’t just be a thought, but an attainable idea.

This high energy program can be tailored for any group and include a self hypnosis segment that will give them the ability to maintain their focus and drive for the rest of their lives!

Comedy Event Stage Hypnotist Magic Mike provides
outstanding quality comedic hypnotist entertainment
that is fun and appropriate and demonstrates
the power of the mind. The underlying theme is
always Comedy Entertainment!

Who else wants to book entertainment that is a guaranteed hit with any type of audiences?

Imagine a performance that is so impactful that your audience members linger after the performance to share stories about what they just witnessed. You will see:

Your audience volunteers become the stars of the show!

A fast paced show that is incredibly fun for the volunteers and audience members.

Entertainment tastefully suited to everyone in attendance.
Even the most difficult audience is drawn into the fun and laughter.

Your audience will be laughing out loud and applauding wildly!
When it comes to special event planning, our Comedy Hypnosis Show is the most unique and engaging form of entertainment available.

You can be confident that booking this Comedy Hypnotist will exceed everyone’s expectations. There is nothing more thrilling than a tastefully executed Comedy Hypnosis Show where your audience members become the stars of the show.

You will receive credit for having the insight to book such a unique and outstanding entertainer, while your peers will be talking about the show for years to come.

My goal is to make every client experience unforgettable with interactive event entertainment guaranteed to keep everyone laughing!

Your guests are going to have a wonderful time,and You’ll get a dynamic entertainer that will fit your budget, and You will have fun and receive compliments on your choice of interactive comedy entertainment!

P.S. Please contact us ASAP because dates fill very quickly, and remember your event is a special occasion!

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